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Be Proactive.

Be Ready.

Be Resilient.

IT/Security professionals are well aware that only products, only people or only processes won’t get you far. Reactive approaches alone are not sufficient.

Limiting the impact, limiting the attack infections and preparing for the worst have superceded reactive thinking. Proactive approach is about ensuring cyber security is embedded into business assets’ lifecycle in layers, not just after an incident has happened. It requires holistic approach.

Proactive approach means preparing your organisation for security challenges, whatever the future may hold.

Sadly, security solutions are bought just like routine equipment purchase. Products stack up adding to more complexity and uncertainity in your environment. Vulnerability scanners, security teams, outsourced SOC contracts, threat intel feeds, etc are all part of the security strategy.

You need to validate effectiveness of network security, application security, devices, systems, people and policy controls.

As a cyber security services company, we help businesses with a true third party independent opinion. It helps you to assess your cyber readiness. 

Cyber security is a matter of financial, reputational and legal implications. 

You got to work on your challenges, taqctically. It is similar to patch management. 

Technical security controls alone aren’t enough. This is why we have policies, processes and why we look into control mappings, environment context and business into account. People, processes and technological controls together via layered approach is the way forward.

Prepare, respond and recover readiness ensures cyber resilience.

cyber security company

Which one is your security strategy?

Proactive vs Reactive approach

Data breaches and cyber attacks have happened despite security products protecting data and a good list of compliance certificates. 

Both approaches are important for security risk assessment and management. Whether its a small or big business looking to ensure adequate cybersecurity protection , each approach plays its role at various stages. Reactive is important, so is proactive that serves a wider role. 

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Our specialist cyber security services

cyber security services
More than 'report and run' cybersecurity company

Our partnership will enable you to:

assess your cyber risks

Assess your attack surface and gain an understanding of most pressing security risks whether its securing remote workers, testing cyber security readiness, endpoint protection, email security, overall security effectiveness or testing managed detection and response capabilities. 

Red teaming operations help assess how your threat protection i.e. threat detection, incident response, logging, policies and people react in real-time. It also includes security reviews assessing Data Loss Prevention effectiveness,  Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), endpoint security, mobile security including mobile device management, internet and corporate environments.

improve operational BAU security

Your corporate cyber security posture (supports revenue generation) is as important as the production environment (generates revenue). It applies to both on-prem security and cloud security models through regular assessments and managed services.

continuously identify and remediate risks

There is much more to managed security services if you follow a proactive security approach. Cyber threats are increasing in numbers and complexity with new technology and growing cybercrime. Vulnerability management, continuous cybersecurity services such as managed services and cybersecurity solutions offer round the clock monitoring of your cyber threats while minimising costs and maximising efficiency.

keep you updated with threat intelligence

Providing you with a snapshot of potential threats that can be used against your assets (people, process and technology). It includes checks around your security operations, exposed information, third party relationships, social media and other data points.

address your cyber risks

Assessment and analysis of security risk is followed by risk remediation and actionable advice based guidance – no report and run approach. Your local IT service provider might have covered it for you, have you checked back what you are getting in return? Whether your onboarded cybersecurity companies are delivering value in fixing risks opposed to just ‘report and run’ approach? This is part of the risk management process.

connect IT security compliance with your business

Compliance and regulatory requirements are improving, getting more granular and stricter. IT security compliance not only helps you avoid fines and penalties but also helps with data protection, reducing your business reputation, enhancing data management capabilities.

Trusted Tradecraft

Before you count your cyber security partners, make sure you can count on them.

Gone are the days of quick box-ticking approaches. Only thing mattered then was which computer security company could do quicker and cheaper security testing. Whether you had a firewall, malware protection or anti-virus, you are all good. Organisations, nowadays, aren’t doing it just for big tenders or external factors, they need it for themselves and require a holistic approach.

Our understanding of how threat actors operate helps customers to tackle cyber threats in their business context.

Customer Insight.

Our extensive focus on service quality, insight into client business ensures that we have an understanding of drivers, primary security concerns and contextual awareness.


We tailor your requirements into the proposal. We don’t report and run. Security is a continuous process. We provide aftercare and support as part of our engagement process.

No surprises.

Our experienced consultants pay attention to details, whether it’s reporting risk information or helping you with remediation plans. Service quality underpins everything we do.

There are multiple reasons to rely on us. 

Service Quality

Vendor and technology agnostic

As an information security services company, our job is to tell you the truth about your environment, provide accurate advice and let you decide further. We have no commercial inclinations towards products. With technology, we are flexible in our approach to ensure the best tools relevant to the client environment.

Actionable advice

Reports are of no use if you cannot act upon mitigation efforts. All our deliverables include remediation plan help along with strategic and tactical recommendations.

Adversarial mindset

Applying offensive hacking expertise yields more returns by understanding how weaknesses are exploited. Ethical hacking, red team operations, penetration tests, attack surface analysis are some of the examples.

Unwavering support

We are more than regular 'report and run' consultancy. It is not limited to email and phone support, it includes debriefings, advice and information sharing.

Our expertise and customers range


Let us help you with security challenges

Security threats come in all shapes and sizes. Irrespective of business size, threat actors look for the most sensitive details of a compromised asset. We can help you assess and address the security risks.

Securing remote workers

We help our customers balance the home working keeping a balance with cyber security. It includes advisory services and risk remeidation of key remote working security risks.

Threat actors look to exploit any and all vulnerabilities in an organisation.  Identification, quantification and prioritisation of risks is essential to protect a business. 

Preventing BEC attacks

Business Email Compromise attacks can’t be mitigated by just security awareness trainings and blaming users. It involves layered approach with collaborative culture of people, processes and technology.

Cloud security threats

From cloud data leakage, misconfigurations to lack of security hardening measures, relaxed cloud security controls present an easy opportunity for threat actors. We help you idenitfy, prioritise and remediate security risks to your Azure, AWS platforms and cloud based solutions. 

Insecure web & mobile interfaces

In this app-driven world, APIs supported with web applications and mobile app are a constant target of threat actors. Are you seeking right advice to protect yours and customers data? We include a range of these services from OWASP, SANS checks to in-depth technical assessments.

Undiscovered attack footprint

Do you have idea around your attack surface? Majority of the times, it is bigger than you think.

Our digital attack surface analysis provides point in time snapshot of security risks that could be exploited by threat actors.

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