Data privacy is at the forefront of challenges dealt by businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is important than ever that customer data especially personal records are securely collected, processed or shared.

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Data Privacy

As per subject authority on this matter – ICO (Information Commissioner Office, UK), Data Protection service helps organisations identify and mitigate privacy concerns. By complying to regulatory and legal requirements, businesses leverage data and streamline their processes to deliver effective results both at operational and security levels.

By not dealing with data privacy challenges correctly, organisations that collect, process or share personal data are putting themselves at risk. It is important for stakeholders to know ‘when is an organisation required to carry out a data protection impact assessment?’ or ‘whether an organisation is taking enough proactive approach to cover the blind spots of data privacy’.

New security threats and new regulations such as GDPR, DPA 2018, CCPA, data privacy is fast becoming a benchmark in how user data especially personal records are dealt with. 

Data Privacy and Protection service

Service Offerings

The following services are offered in this domain:
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (PIA)
  • Assessing vendor risk
  • Technical GDPR/DPA/Privacy Assessments
  • Privacy-By-Design and Privacy-By-Default Reviews
Every business is unique in its own ways. Our approach is to customise our engagements in line with your business requirements to ensure a comfortable change management environment. We have no commercial inclinations
 to sell any third party solutions or products in order to wrap this up quick and never turn up again.
Data privacy services
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Secure Information Storage

We carry out extensive checks on how employees including privileged staff such as IT, network, development or other staff save data in your work environment. This includes extensive checks and data analysis to prepare an outcome detailing internal and external (third party, supply chain) information handling culture. We regularly post blog articles that are aimed at providing practical hints/tips to secure an organisations assets. 
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