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You need the right cyber security consulting partner who can be your eyes and ears to trusted advice. They should engage with you, be flexible around your requirements and deliver them. This constant validation against your controls is key to use cyber security as a business enabler.

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Industry-Specific Cyber Security Consulting Services

Without doubt security threats are global, context aware solutions to cyber security concerns are critical. Specialised threat actors focus all their efforts on specific verticals, requiring strategic and tactical response.
Every industry has its own set of cyber security challenges. Building cyber resilience in your organisation require understanding of industry specific cyber threat landscape. Our flexible security consulting services tailored to your organisation ensure to address sector-specific challenges to raise your organisations’ cyber security posture.
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Internet security consultants you can trust

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Cyber security services is a consulting model based advisory to customers on how to assess and protect most prized assets of their business. This could include a small business, a large organisation or even an organisation and its third party suppliers. Our internet security consultants are qualified with the highly respected certifications such as OSCP, OSCE, CREST, ISSAP, BCSP, SANS GSEC and the sector specific experience.

Target assets include systems, workstations and servers, mobile devices, networks and underlying data. It is also known as IT security consulting or cyber security consultancy (a provider).

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Financial Services

All about assessing financial services firms to manage their cyber security. Helping to identify and mitigate relevant risks efficiently and improving the capability to respond and recover from incidents.
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Retail & eCommerce

With technology supporting ever increasing retail, hospitality, leisure and eCommerce businesses, retailers need to be aware of blind-spots in their online exposure both for their assets and customers.
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With the rapid technological advancements and security incidents such as WannaCry,cyber security is one of the most talked-about topics in the NHS and other healthcare organisations
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Due to research and development projects on cutting edge topics, student information being stored, the education sector is a prime target to both organised crime groups as well as nation state threat actors.
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With the number of transactions, the amount of data being stored and processed by businesses in the gambling sector, cyber security risks remain one of the major concerns.
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Public Sector

Whether it’s DPA, GDPR, PSN CoCo or GCloud framework, our wide range of skillset and experience assures public sector organisations to utilize the latest technology and manage the risks.

We are not a 'report and run' cyber security consulting services provider

Are you addressing your cyber security concerns?

Cyber security strategy initiatives must start at board level. It is a business risk. Before investing big into cyber security strategy and related investments, senior executives should answer these questions.

This is where it all starts.

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Which one is your security strategy?

Our Cyber Security Consultancy Services


Our Partnership WillEnable You To:

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Cloud Infrastructure
Threat Intelligence

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