Security challenges such as ransomware, phishing are the only threats that made to the news. We provide vendor neutral specialist healthcare security assessments to safeguard critical services and protect confidential customer data.

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Cyber security in healthcare

Healthcare sector continues to offer life-critical services while improving treatments and patient care with new technologies. This constant change is always opening new avenues for threat actors, and healthcare organisation must tackle cyber security concerns head on. 

It’s no more teengars in their bedrooms tring to hack into systems. There is this whole underground economy backed by Organised crime groups targeting healthcare organisations. This worrying trend is backed up by some of the incidents in past a few years. On 12th May 2017, NHS was brought to a standstill for several days due to WannaCry Outbreak. There has been 150% increase in cyber attacks amid Covid-19 crisis.

Healthcare organisations need to be ready for bigger questions such as:

Cyber Security Healthcare

Do these security challenges sound familiar?

The DSP (Data Security and Protection) Toolkit

DSP Toolkit cyber security

The Data Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit is an online self-assessment tool that allows NHS organisations (that access patient data) to benchmark against 10 data security standards set by National Data Guardian. DSP toolkit replaced the IG toolkit back in 2018. 

We have found that the most common challenges across the healthcare sector include:

  • Lack of proactive approach towards cyber security
  • Security challenges of keeping up with modern IT infrastructure
  • Continued cyber security education
  • Defense in depth approach to ensure segregation at user, environment and system levels 
  • NHS backend and production networks could act as a bridge due to shared backend infrastructure, misconfiguration flaws or vulnerabilities in the network
  • Lack of strict processes designed to identify vulnerability, uncover suspicious behaviour and respond to malicious activities.

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What are your key security questions?

Healthcare Sector Experience

This section refers to specific projects’ based experience in this sector. This includes assessments performed at NHS trusts, healthcare providers including pharmaceutical industry vendors.

Key Projects

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