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Cyphere  is a Manchester based cyber security services company delivering expert services across pen testing and managed security. Our engagement is free from selling Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) factor and do not include leveraging your lack of awareness on the subject. Our clients range from multinational companies across Europe and USA and from family businesses to private individuals.

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We Engage

Our extensive focus on service quality, insight into client business ensures that we have an understanding of drivers, primary security concerns and contextual awareness, which makes us leading cybersecurity providers in United Kingdom.

We Listen

We listen to your concerns and build a solution that fits your needs. We tailor your requirements into the proposal. We don’t report and run. Security is a continuous process. We provide after care and support as part of our engagement process.

We Deliver

Our experienced consultants pay attention to details, whether it’s reporting risk information or helping you with remediation plans. Service quality underpins everything we do. We have a dedicated team of security analysts to monitor your networks 24/7/365.

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To help our clients provide safe and secure working environment
by consistently exceeding their expectations.

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As a leading cyber security providers, we highly believe in leading customers with proactive approach towards cyber security. Risk treatments must be risk focussed approach, not the tick in the box exercise that could haunt the business in the long run. This is based on skill-set, open communication and gaining insight into the customer business using threat intelligence. We also believe to provide cyber security service to small businesses also.

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Our Approach As aCyber Security Provider

Our flexibility, engagement process and delivery approach, as a network security provider, is referred to as ‘personal’ or ‘fresh alternative’ by customers. As a cyber security service provider, we are passionate about building relationships based on open communication, easy operational style and open two-way dialogue with all contacts. In the offensive cyber security domain, it’s all about your thought process. We are also expert in providing cyber security for small businesses in Manchester and all around the world. Some of our thoughts are also published as helpful content through our cyber security blog. 


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Industry Leading Cyber Security Providers

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Develop an understanding of
your environment to manage
cyber risk effectively

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Security Compliance

Achieve security compliance (PCI DSS,
ISO 27001, GDPR, Cyber Essentials)
while demonstrating your strong commitment to data security

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Managed Security Services

Outline safeguards to limit/contain the impact of an incident

Cyber Security Insights & Education

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Understanding the CREST Penetration Testing Maturity Model

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Learn about the CREST Defensible Penetration Test (CDPT) and business benefits

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CREST Approved Penetration Testing – Learn How It Improves Cyber Risk Strategy

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