Cyber security shouldn’t be a challenge for small business owners. Be it be remote working staff, third parties relationships or online retailer – there are compelling reasons why cyber security is critical for business.

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SME Cyber Risks

For non-revenue generating tasks, SME owners usually outsource to a freelancers or an admin. For items that enable your business growth with intangible benefits, you got to get grips with it. It is the subject of cyber security. 

SME get hit hard by cyber attacks around improvement areas shown in the image on the right hand side. SME News website reports these fiver reasons why SME’s can’t ignore cyber security threats:

  1. Business disruption
  2. Reputational damage
  3. Data loss & regulatory fines
  4. Intellectual Property
  5. Third Party Relationships

There is no absolute failsafe.  If anyone says there is, they don’t understand risk management.

SME cyber security

Small business security challenges

Although technological advancements such as latest network topologies without perimeters are making our lives easier, multiple security challenges are posed to endpoints, internet traffic, added software and cloud capabilities. The following are the main security challenges faced by small organisations:

  • Lack of Preparedness –  All businesses will experience security incidents in one form or another at some point. It’s not ‘if’, it’s ‘when’. Therefore, preparation is key to resilience and ensuring that the business can respond and recover as fast as possible.
  • Overreliance on IT Service Providers – IT service providers solve all technological challenges for SMB as they are ‘go-to’ people for anything IT related. Cyber security is a different ball-game. Whilst it is possible your IT service provider is good at cyber security offerings, majority of the small business IT service providers are no more than product resellers for firewalls and antivirus solutions. This cyber security solution for small business sold as one stop solution is a big error.
  • Budget Constraints – It is true that budgets are limited in small organisations. It is equally true that senior management is sometimes unaware of the technological edge to the business, and how SMEs are an easy target for cybercriminals. This should not be tick in the box approach if security just done for service in case of GDPR or other security compliance.
  • Sensitive Information Theft (Insider Threats) – This could be information belonging to personnel or business’ IP, granular controls over data exfiltration, leakage or related incidents is need of the hour given our boundaries are diminishing. Staff, vendors or contractors are working from personal devices, or public places. Therefore, relevant controls ensure that website security for small business is an enabler for growth.
  • Mobile Workforce – Although every organisation wants to make use of the latest gadgets in the market, SMBs don’t have resources and processes to think it through from risk perspective. Therefore, mobile devices, BYOD policies may present a wide gap in the IT risk posture.

SME Cyber Security Offerings

Cyber security for small businesses shouldn’t be hard. Unfortunately, buying products after products would only exacerbate the problem for small businesses. This means more data and that is equivalent to more chaos with less resources ending up with increased security risks. We justify your business case for cyber security by ensuring constant push for growth with our reliable and team expertise from delivering security consulting for more than 10 years. 

We help small and medium size businesses to minimise risks to people, processes and technology in use. These could be SME web protection, SME email security or overall managed security services for small business. There is no cyber security checklist you can tick-off and be ready for tsunami! Every business has their own context, therefore, big products do not justify their investment here.

Basic Hygiene

We review all your most valuable assets, identify the areas of greatest risk and prepare you for the most common cyber attacks.

  • Help with Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Prepare against common attacks
  • Ideal for 1-5 employees

SME Health Check

We review your major assets and the security of your communication controls, helping you to achieve your own Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

  • Cyber Security Health Check and onsite debrief
  • Help achieve Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Phishing Testing

SME Managed

We review all your most valuable assets to identify your highest risk areas and determine the right approach to optimise your security, with an IT Health Check and Managed Services quarterly.

  • SME Health Check included
  • Managed Phishing and Open Source Intel
  • Managed Services – Network and Applications

Trusted partner providing small business security services

Cyber Security Improvement

SME Basic Hygiene

This is the most basic and stepping stone to start securing your business. It covers the basic minimum five control areas ideally suited for small businesses. These are also the pre-requisites for Cyber Essentials certification. A one-off exercise based around self-assessment questionnaires followed by an assessment for Cyber Essentials certification, this prepares your business for the most common cyber attacks.

SME Health Check

Cyphere’s assured SME services includes a security health check around your business’ major assets as well as checks around secure communication controls. This is a one-off exercise performed during agreed timescales, with an onsite visit to customer premises. For email-based phishing or external network checks, we work remotely.  With the aim of Cyber Essentials Plus certification, we will assess your controls around the following five areas:
  1. Perimeter Firewall & Internet Gateway
  2. Secure Configuration
  3. Access Control
  4. Malware Protection
  5. Patch Management
Cyber Essentials Plus certification is awarded upon passing the checks in all the key areas above.
SME Managed

SME Managed

For customers looking for reliable partners, we offer fully managed option that offers:

  • Security Awareness Workshop
  • Phishing campaigns quarterly
  • Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) quarterly
  • Scanning of internet-facing infrastructure and applications quarterly

Cyber Essentials is a cost-effective assurance scheme for small and medium sized enterprises which is backed by the UK government.

Organisations must be prepared to tackle such threats, with handy plans on what to do if this happens and accountability allocated via people, processes and technological controls. See our detailed post on ransomware and what to do if a business is hacked that helps SME customers.

Key Benefits of Small Business Cyber Security Services

Our Process

Step 1
Step 1
Customer Business Insight
The very first step remains our quest to gain insight into drivers, business, pain points and relevant nuances. As part of this process, we understand the assets that are part of the scope.
Step 2
Step 2
Services Proposal
It is important to gain grips with the reality, therefore, we always stress on walkthroughs or technical documentation of the assets. After asset walkthroughs, a tailored proposal is designed to meet your business’ specific requirements.
Step 3
Step 3
Execution and Delivery
Cyphere’s approach to all work involves excellent communication with technical skill-set.
Step 4
Step 4
Data Analysis & Reporting
Execution phase is followed by data analysis and reporting phase. Cyphere performs analysis on the testing output, evaluates the risk impact and likelihood of exploitation in realistic scenarios before providing action plans to remediate the identified risks. All our reports address business as well as the technical audience with supporting raw data, including mitigation measures at strategic and tactical levels
Step 5
Step 5
Debrief & Support
As part of our engagement process, customers schedule a free of charge debrief with management and technical teams. This session involves remediation plan, assessment QA to ensure that customer contacts are up to date in the language they understand.

Our Cyber Security Testing Services

Network & Infrastructure Penetration Testing

  • Protect your business against evolving network & infrastructure threats
  • Check services, patching, passwords, configurations & hardening issues
  • Internal, external, network segregation & device reviews
  • PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR Compliance support
  • Helps shape IT strategy & investments

Web Application & API Pen Testing

  • Assess real-world threats to web applications
  • Validate secure design best practices against OWASP Top 10
  • Timely check to avoid common pitfalls during development
  • Ensure strong authentication, authorisation, encryption mechanisms
  • Find loopholes to avoid data leakage or theft

Mobile Penetration Testing

  • Assess real-world mobile app security vulnerabilities
  • Validate secure design & configuration best practices
  • Increased flexibility and productivity of users through secure mobile offerings
  • Ensure strong mobile app authentication, authorisation, encryption mechanisms
  • Find mobile app or device loopholes to avoid data leakage or theft
  • PCI DSS, ISO 27001, Compliance Support

Cloud Penetration Testing

  • Better visibility on cloud process aligning
  • Secure validation of internal and third party integrations
  • Support ever changing regulatory/compliance requirements
  • Ensure strong authentication, authorisation, encryption mechanisms
  • Demonstrate data security commitment
  • Less is more – reduced costs, servers and staff

Digital Attack Surface Analysis

  • Attack surface analysis to identify high risk areas and blind spots
  • Improve your security team’s efficiency
  • Streamline your IT spends
  • Lower Risks and Likelihood of Data Breaches

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