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Cyber Security Insights & Education

dns over https

DNS Over HTTPS: Facts You Should Know

A new protocol, DNS over HTTPS (DoH), is a sensation in modern times, designed for enterprise security products and policies. A combination of DNS protocol …

types of spoofing attacks

What is a spoofing attack? Types of spoofing and prevention measures

Read all about basics of spoofing, types and examples of attacks and spoofing techniques, followed by prevention measures.

CRLF injection vulnerability

CRLF Injection Attack Explained

Web applications across the digital world are teeming with vulnerabilities increasingly equipped to defeat security mechanisms. Among them are injection attacks. We are aware of …

What data must be encrypted

A Guide to GDPR Encryption

Learn about GDPR Encryption which is a method used for encoding data in such a way that it can only be accessed by authorised users.

Privileged Access Management lifecycle

What is Privileged Access Management (PAM)?

To stay ahead of the expanding regulatory requirements, organisations must adopt a security-first approach to cybersecurity including privileged account management.

phases of ethical hacking

25+ Vulnerable websites to practice your ethical hacking skills

Vulnerable websites are built for beginners who are learning ethical hacking to test their skills. We have mentioned a few of such best sites in our article.

lifecycle of a vulnerability

Vulnerability, Threats, Exploits and their relationship with risk

Learn about vulnerability exploitation which is when an attacker uses certain techniques, pieces of code or methods to take advantage of an existing vulnerability and target the IT system.

diversity and inclusion in cyber security

Thoughts on diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity

Our other blogs and articles are primarily security-focused – this is non-technical yet relevant, one of the issues that I felt and intended to explore …

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