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Cyber Security Insights & Education

The role of AI in Cyber Security

It’s clear that AI can be a powerful tool in the fight against cybercrime. By automating many of the tasks currently carried out by human security analysts, we can reduce the number of false positives and speed up the process of detection and response.

5 stages of secure sdlc

Secure Software Development – SDLC Best Practices

Read about Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), its importance, different stages and best practices.

automated remediation flow

AWS Security Best Practices

Discover AWS security best practices to follow while hardenign your cloud environment. Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that offers computing power, storage space, content delivery and other functionalities.

privilege escalation

Privilege Escalation Attacks: Types, Examples and Defence

Privilege escalation attacks exploit a bug or design flaw in operating systems or software applications. Discover more about types, examples and defence of privilege escalation techniques.

how can privacy by design and by default in gdpr be achieved

GDPR privacy by default examples, privacy by design concepts

A detailed guide on what GDPR privacy by design and by default is, ways to achieve it and their foundational principles.

kerberos initial authentication

Kerberos Authentication: Basics to Kerberos attacks

Learn about Kerberos Authentication and attacks as this is the default authentication service for Microsoft Active Directory.

phases of ethical hacking

What is Ethical Hacking? Working, Techniques and Jobs

Ethical hacking is the concept of gaining unauthorised access to systems but with the explicit permission of the system owner. Learn more about working and techniques used in ethical hacking in this article.

defense in depth

Defense in Depth – Definition & Relation to Layered Security Approach

We have covered everything you need to know about defence-in-depth strategy including its definition, importance and relation to layered security.

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