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Cyber Security Insights & Education

PAM sloution working

Azure Privileged Identity Management (PIM)

Learn about Azure Privileged Identity Management (PIM), Privileged Account Management (PAM) and the difference between both.

Sast, Dast or Iast Find out the right choice for you

SAST vs DAST: Explore different types, and examples and make the right choice.

What are SAST DAST and IAST? Learn about all Application Security Testing methodologies and find out which is the best choice for you.

Steps to create an information system security plan

How to Establish Effective Information System Security Plans

Here are 8 steps to create an effective information security plan. Also, learn about the importance and fundamentals of security plans.

Advantages of cybersecurity compliance

Best ways to Create a Cybersecurity Compliance Plan

To stay ahead of the expanding regulatory requirements, organisations must adopt a security-first approach to cybersecurity in order to prepare for shifting cybersecurity compliance requirements.

Common uses of typosquatting

What is Typosquatting? Learn how to defend against it.

Typosquatting is a form of cybersquatting or domain squatting in which the typo-squatter will register malicious website domain names that are typos or misspellings of popular websites.

database security best practices

What is Database Security? Learn how to secure databases

What is Database Security? Learn about its importance, database Security threats and database security best practices.

data integrity risks

What is data integrity? Types, examples and how to maintain

What is data integrity? Data integrity refers to the protection of reliability and trustworthiness of data throughout its lifecycle.

smb cybersecurity problem

The Top 10 SMB cyber security mistakes. Find out how to fix these security risks.

Find out top 10 risks answering why SMB’s are doing cyber security wrong. We have also included fixes to help you understand the cybersecurity for SMB.

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