Our cyber security consulting services are focussed on one factor – service quality. It underpins everything we do, on the basis of skill-set, sector specific experience and in the context of your business pain-points. No quick report and run approach.

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Penetration Testing

A range of technical security assessment services tailored in line with customer business objectives. Discover cloud based, infrastructure, web, API & mobile pen testing services below.



Cyber security compliance arms an organisation with increased defence, protection against fines and penalties and streamlined operations.


Cyber crime on the rise

As per this article by Aspen Institute , an international nonprofit organization, –
Instances of cybercrime appear to have jumped by as much as 300 percent since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the FBI. The bureau’s Internet Crime Complain Center (IC3) said it’s now receiving between 3,000 and 4,000 cybersecurity complaints every day, up from the average 1,000 complaints per day the center saw before COVID-19 took hold.

How pentesting helps businesses?

A security consulting service involves multiple phases to help customers identify, analyse and help with remediating the risks to business context. This exercise involves identifying risks as well as producing proof of concepts with supporting data, followed by business and technical level reporting. This includes details of impact, likelihood of attack and practical probability in context of business environment.

The main objective of a third-party independent validation exercise is to find security weaknesses that can be exploited by a threat actor. This would include checks around networks, applications, devices and other systems across the estate.

Think of this as a simulation exercise to assess an organisations’ readiness against cyber attack.

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Security is a continuous improvement process

Cyber security improvements must be done in line with business growth. When implemented correctly, cyber security is a business enabler. Not only it’s a way to measure effectiveness of people, processes and technology, this also highlights weaknesses in general operations and related processes. Constant identification, analysis and monitoring of threats is important in todays’ times. This is more important due to rapid speed of digital transformation to connect and streamline businesses online. Setting the expectation that improvement is the goal will result in improved security.
Cyber Security Improvement

Our Engagement Approach

Customer Business Insight

The very first step remains our quest to gain insight into drivers, business, pain points and relevant nuances. As part of this process, we understand the assets that are part of the scope.

Services Proposal

It is important to gain grips with the reality, therefore, we always stress on walkthroughs or technical documentation of the assets. After asset walkthroughs, a tailored proposal is designed to meet your business’ specific requirements.

Execution and Delivery

Cyphere’s approach to all work involves excellent communication before and during the execution phase. Customer communication medium and frequency are mutually agreed, and relevant parties are kept updated throughout the engagement duration.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Execution phase is followed by data analysis and reporting phase. Cyphere performs analysis on the testing output, evaluates the risk impact and likelihood of exploitation in realistic scenarios before providing action plans to remediate the identified risks. All our reports address business as well as the technical audience with supporting raw data, including mitigation measures at strategic and tactical levels

Debrief & Support

As part of our engagement process, customers schedule a free of charge debrief with management and technical teams. This session involves remediation plan, assessment QA to ensure that customer contacts are up to date in the language they understand.

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