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Penetration Testing

A range of technical security assessment services tailored in line with customer business objectives.


Cyber security compliance arms an organisation with increased defence, protection against fines and penalties and streamlined operations.

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Cyber crime on the rise

As per this article by Aspen Institute , an international nonprofit organization, –
Instances of cybercrime appear to have jumped by as much as 300 percent since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the FBI. The bureau’s Internet Crime Complain Center (IC3) said it’s now receiving between 3,000 and 4,000 cybersecurity complaints every day, up from the average 1,000 complaints per day the center saw before COVID-19 took hold.

How pentesting helps businesses?

A pen test involves multiple phases to justify risks in business context. This exercise involves identifying risks as well as producing proof of concepts with supporting data, followed by business and technical level reporting. This includes details of impact, likelihood of attack and practical probability in context of business environment.

The main objective of a third-party independent validation exercise is to find security weaknesses that can be exploited by a threat actor. This would include checks around networks, applications, devices and other systems across the estate.

Think of this as a simulation exercise to assess an organisations’ readiness against cyber attack.

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Security is a continuous improvement process

Cyber security improvements must be done in line with business growth. When implemented correctly, cyber security is a business enabler. Not only it’s a way to measure effectiveness of people, processes and technology, this also highlights weaknesses in general operations and related processes. Constant identification, analysis and monitoring of threats is important in todays’ times. This is more important due to rapid speed of digital transformation to connect and streamline businesses online. Setting the expectation that improvement is the goal will result in improved security.
Cyber Security Improvement