The world of cyber security is a fast-paced, unpredictable one. We’ve been able to solve problems for customers in the past and are looking forward to writing about future case studies we may encounter!

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If you want to get a cyber security assessment, it is important that the assessor has the appropriate experience and competence. Not all assessments are made equal when it comes to their quality of work. If your business needs an initial evaluation or more in-depth review then contact us to book a call today.

Read our cyber security case studies to learn how Cyphere delivers security assessments and acts as an important input tool to their customers security strategy.

eCommerce / Online Retail

Mobile application secured against backdoor password and API vulnerabilities of a leading UK retailer

Financial Services

Advanced persistent threat (red teaming) simulation activity against a fintech provider

Construction giant

Validating and improving a construction company's security strategy

Cyber Security Insights & Education

What should be done to comply with the California consumer privacy act

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance: What you need to know to be compliant

Read our article to know about California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), why it is important and how to comply with it.

Cyber threats for businesses

Benefits of Cyber Security: Importance for Businesses and Individuals

Here are the top 10 benefits of cybersecurity along with its importance for businesses and individuals.

Common vulnerabilities causing a domain hijack

What is Domain Hijacking? Tips to Protect Yourself

We have shared domain hijacking and its different types along with the tips to protect yourselves from such attacks.

Multi-layer approach to phishing

Real-life Examples of Phishing Emails

We have shared real-life examples of phishing emails which are a serious problem for both businesses and consumers. Read our article to learn how to prevent phishing attacks.

types of domain hijacking attacks

What is Domain Hijacking? Tips to Protect yourself

Here is a detailed guide on domain hijacking which is the act of domain name theft. Learn different tips in this article to protect yourself.

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