The world of cyber security is a fast-paced, unpredictable one. We’ve been able to solve problems for customers in the past and are looking forward to writing about future case studies we may encounter!

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If you want to get a cyber security assessment, it is important that the assessor has the appropriate experience and competence. Not all assessments are made equal when it comes to their quality of work. If your business needs an initial evaluation or more in-depth review then contact us to book a call today.

Read our cyber security case studies to learn how Cyphere delivers security assessments and acts as an important input tool to their customers security strategy.

eCommerce / Online Retail

Mobile application secured against backdoor password and API vulnerabilities of a leading UK retailer

Financial Services

Advanced persistent threat (red teaming) simulation activity against a fintech provider

Construction giant

Validating and improving a construction company's security strategy

Cyber Security Insights & Education

server security tips and methods to follow

100+ Server Security & Best Practices Tips on Securing a Server

Server security is important as servers are the backbone of an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Here are some tips on securing a server.

data protection act 8 principles

The 8 principles of The Data Protection Act & GDPR

The eight principles of the Data Protection Act were mainly composed to protect the personal data stored on computer and digital media or in a paper filing system. Discover more.

physical penetration testing uk

Physical Penetration Testing: Top 8 attack methods and tools (2021)

Understand why physical penetration testing is important for businesses to find out their physical security blind spots and attack prevention methods.

what is data leakage

What is Data Leakage? Data Leak Prevention Tips

Understand what is data leakage and how it affects an organisation. Read about examples of data leaks and prevention methods to build cyber resilience.

APT lifecycle

What are Advanced Persistent Threats (APT attacks) | Cyphere

What are advanced persistent threats? Understand the malicious nature, techniques and threat of APTs is crucial to your cyber security defence.

Security Assessment Services

Network & Infrastructure Penetration Testing

  • Protect your business against evolving network & infrastructure threats
  • Check services, patching, passwords, configurations & hardening issues
  • Internal, external, network segregation & device reviews
  • PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR Compliance support
  • Helps shape IT strategy & investments

Web Application & API Pen Testing

  • Assess real-world threats to web applications
  • Validate secure design best practices against OWASP Top 10
  • Timely check to avoid common pitfalls during development
  • Ensure strong authentication, authorisation, encryption mechanisms
  • Find loopholes to avoid data leakage or theft

Mobile Penetration Testing

  • Assess real-world mobile app security vulnerabilities
  • Validate secure design & configuration best practices
  • Increased flexibility and productivity of users through secure mobile offerings
  • Ensure strong mobile app authentication, authorisation, encryption mechanisms
  • Find mobile app or device loopholes to avoid data leakage or theft
  • PCI DSS, ISO 27001, Compliance Support

Cloud Penetration Testing

  • Better visibility on cloud process aligning
  • Secure validation of internal and third party integrations
  • Support ever changing regulatory/compliance requirements
  • Ensure strong authentication, authorisation, encryption mechanisms
  • Demonstrate data security commitment
  • Less is more – reduced costs, servers and staff

Digital Attack Surface Analysis

  • Attack surface analysis to identify high risk areas and blind spots
  • Improve your security team’s efficiency
  • Streamline your IT spends
  • Lower Risks and Likelihood of Data Breaches