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Shahrukh, is a passionate cyber security analyst and researcher who loves to write technical blogs on different cyber security topics. He holds a Masters degree in Information Security, an OSCP and has a strong technical skillset in offensive security.

Shahrukh Mirza
third-party risks

Third Party Security Audit

Today, the digital world is more interconnected than ever, and managing business functions altogether is quite a hassle for organisations. Thus, often, they outsource their core operations, such as data collection, recruitment, sales, cloud hosting or software development, etc., to other service providers or connect their infrastructure to multiple software and products to perform their …

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AWS ecryption data at rest

AWS S3 security best practices

With the increasing number of data breaches and security risks, it is essential to protect data against unauthorised access and potential threats. Amazon’s simple storage service (S3) offers a highly durable infrastructure with powerful storage capabilities. However, securing it requires a multi-layered approach that includes enabling MFA, maintaining privileged access, using a virtual private cloud, …

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Cloud database security issues and challenges

With the advancement in cloud computing, cloud security is an essential matter of question for organisations of all sizes to consider. Cyber security mechanisms, such as encryption, authentication, and access control, can protect data and systems stored in the cloud. Security risks, such as malicious attacks, missing patches, broken access controls, existing misconfigurations and unauthorised …

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Amazon S3 – simple storage service encryption

Cloud storage services are popular nowadays because of their high efficiency and accessibility, which are critical for companies. Amazon is among the market’s leading public cloud service providers, known as Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers encryption options for S3, a cloud storage service for backups, archives, app files, etc. This article discusses Amazon S3 …

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API security testing tools

API security testing tools

Recently, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have become essential to modern cloud, desktop, mobile, and web applications. They are now heavily relying on APIs to perform multiple functionalities. This expands the application landscape and allows developers to create feature-rich applications with simple yet diversified UX/UI. Since API offers developers a great deal to produce versatile software, …

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Healthcare Cyber Attack Statistics

As technology has advanced and the world has become more interconnected, the threat of cyber-attacks has become a significant concern for businesses, smaller healthcare organisations, governments, civil rights and individuals alike. While cyber-attacks can target any sector, healthcare organisations have become an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals in recent years. Healthcare organisations store vast amounts …

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encrypted credit card

Encrypted credit card information storage: Is it legal, PCI DSS and How to do it?

As a major portion of our lives moves online, protecting our personal and financial information, especially credit card information, has become extremely crucial. Credit card data is susceptible and needs to be securely stored to protect our financial information from falling into the wrong hands. In this article, we will discuss the importance of secure …

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insecure design

Insecure design vulnerabilities – what are they, and why do they occur?

There is a huge category of different vulnerabilities that arises due to ineffective or absent control and relates to insecure design practices. Those vulnerabilities are found in various systems, including software, applications, network protocols, and hardware devices, and are a major concern nowadays. Having insecure design practices imposes significant consequences on businesses, including but not …

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