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Cyphere are a UK-based security services company providing pen testing and managed security services around eCommerce, Fintech, IT, Healthcare, Education sectors.

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Core Values

  • Extensive focus on service quality.
  • We take account of your business context and ensure it’s reflected in our proposals.
  • Demonstrating independent approach towards work that is free from products or other inclinations.
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A secure cyber sphere for every organisation we connect with.

Cyber Sphere

Our Approach

As a UK based IT security services business, our flexibility, engagement process and delivery approach often surprises customers. This is based on excellent communication, easy operational style and open two-way dialogue with all contacts. In the offensive cyber security domain, it’s all about your thought process. By thinking like an adversary, we understand the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by attackers to bypass corporate defenses in place.

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