Compliance is more than just a stamp. There are multiple hidden benefits of IT security compliance for your business. It not only helps you avoid fines and penalties, but also protects your business reputation, enhances data management capabilities, yields insights.

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Each major security standard /compliance involves an evolving set of specific requirements, which must be met to demonstrate adherence to best practices.

ISO 27001 Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an essential component for ISO 27001 A.12.6.1. We offer penetration testing services to assist with the ISO 27001 compliance. Our final deliverables and post engagement support helps with remediation plan and adds to the evidence of meeting standard requirements.


Data protection is a necessity to ensure public trust in organisations, and to allow fair use of information about people.

Data Protection Act

DPA is a national law that sits alongside the GDPR, and customises how GDPR applies in the UK. This is by providing exemptions, widening the scope to involve law enforcement, national security and defence.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments provide insight into vulnerabilities affecting your internal and external networks. It helps to identify and quantify the potential risks threatening your environment.


PCI DSS requires businesses to undergo, at the least, an annual penetration test, system upgrades or during any major infrastructure or code changes.

Public Sector

Whether it's NHS Data Security Toolkit (DSP), GDPR, PSN or GCloud framework, our wide range of skills and experience assures public sector organisations to utilize the latest technology and manage the risks.

Key Benefits of IT Security Compliance

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Our Process

Step 1
Step 1

Customer Business Insight

The very first step remains our quest to gain insight into drivers, business, pain points and relevant nuances. As part of this process, we understand the assets that are part of the scope.
Step 2
Step 2

Services Proposal

It is important to gain grips with the reality, therefore, we always stress on walkthroughs or technical documentation of the assets. After asset walkthroughs, a tailored proposal is designed to meet your business’ specific requirements.
Step 3
Step 3

Execution and Delivery

Cyphere’s approach to all work involves excellent communication with technical skill-set.
Step 4
Step 4

Data Analysis & Reporting

Execution phase is followed by data analysis and reporting phase. Cyphere performs analysis on the testing output, evaluates the risk impact and likelihood of exploitation in realistic scenarios before providing action plans to remediate the identified risks. All our reports address business as well as the technical audience with supporting raw data, including mitigation measures at strategic and tactical levels
Step 5
Step 5

Debrief & Support

As part of our engagement process, customers schedule a free of charge debrief with management and technical teams. This session involves remediation plan, assessment QA to ensure that customer contacts are up to date in the language they understand.