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Our information security solutions cater to all-size businesses, varying from managed SME cyber security to enterprise wide managed services. These solutions are based around compliance, SME organisations and industry based solutions.

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With the sharp increase in cybercrime, serious cybersecurity revenue dedication has been recently noticed within several organisations. Everywhere, businesses are investing a remarkable amount of money into hiring security professionals and contracting third party companies to assess their business.

Criminals are adept at exploiting weak links in the security chain, and once in, can leverage other weaknesses to increase their control, enable repeated access and execute attacks without being detected. Understanding these risks is equally important prior to them being exploited by a sophisticated threat actor. Not only does this bring damage to your reputation, but your customers would lose the trust to conduct business.

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Compliance means an organization following established risk-based controls to protect the CIA from information collected, processed, or transferred. Whether PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR, or sector-based commission audits, they give confidence to customers while doing business with your organization.

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SME Cyber Security

Cyber security shouldn't be complex. Cipher offers SME security services that can be deployed quickly, easily and cost-effectively. SME cyber security shouldn’t be a challenge for small business owners, but a growth agent to enable confidence and efficiency.

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Industry Specific Security

A right partner choice could help you overcome cyber security consulting services requirements needed to reduce risk. This constant validation against your controls is key to use cyber security as business enabler. From finance to education & startups, we have it covered.

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Our Partnership WillEnable You To:

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