Cyber Security Services for Retail & Ecommerce

Cyber security in the retail and ecommerce areas show wider issues than just PoS and web application attacks. Data integrity, customer privacy, authentication & non-repudiation are top eCommerce security challenges.

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Cyber security in Retail and eCommerce

Businesses are adopting newer ways to keep up with customers trends. This is directly linked to speed with which development can be done. However, brand reputation is a key factor in the online retail and eCommerce space. Customer privacy is rising to the top like never before, thanks to new regulations and customer awareness.

As we all know, data breaches significantly impact brand reputation, and it may lead to legal implications based on the incident and regulations. Ultimately, it leads to a decrease in consumer confidence.

As growth takes place, board and senior management must make cyber risk a priority. The importance of cyber security can never be under-estimated, especially in post COVID world. Blind spots in your corporate infrastructure, production website or other critical assets pose a serious risk to the organisation.

A good eCommerce security ensures the following functions of CIA triad:

A woman shopping in front of a smartphone.

What are the key Security Challenges?

The biggest cyber security threats in and
Retail and ecommerce sectors

With the mobile eCommerce growth on the continuous rise, it is important that secure development practices with proactive approach towards validation exercises is considered before hand. Secure mobile applications and consideration towards top API vulnerabilities and the push for proactive approach would not only add to the regulatory requirements but also offer the peace of mind against real time cyber attacks that are common in the eCommerce sector.
E-commerce cybersecurity infographic for retail and eCommerce.

What are the key Security Questions?

Retail & eCommerce Sector Experience

Our experience in the industry comes from the varied consultancy and security assessment based projects conducted for Supermarkets, High Street banks, e-Commerce and online retail customers.

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