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Financial services sector is the most lucrative target for cybercriminals. Protecting your assets is an ongoing fight against cyber criminals, are you taking the best approach?

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Cyber security across the Financial Services

Financial businesses are directly linked to wealth, and the global economic system at large making the sector an attractive target for cybercriminals varying from motivated hackers to state-sponsored campaigns. Financial sectors businesses require advanced cyber security measures in place compared to other industries.

Technological advances have made banking faster and innovative by improving products to consumers. Similar to financial risk management, technical risk management plays a key role in avoiding major disasters. Loss of compliance due to ISO 27001, PCI DSS or related regulations is another security risk to a financial services business.
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What are the key Security Challenges?

Risk and Controls Self-Assessment (RCA)
& Cyber Risk Management

In 2018, FCA came up with major findings after conducting multi-firm review on wholesale banks and asset management . Most of the firms reviewed relied on risk and controls self-assessment (RCSA) without getting involved in in-depth technical exercises to assess the accuracy, scale and nature of risks. The main findings raised valid questions around the following:

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What are the key Security Questions?

Financial Sector Experience

This section refers to specific project based experiences in this sector. These were conducted at retail and investment banks, private equity firms, wealth management institutions, M&A due diligence and Tier 2 businesses.

Key Cyber Security Services
Financial Sector

Wealth of experience, skill-set and outcome focussed

Wealth of experience, skill-set and outcome focussed

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