awareness /əˈwɛːnəs/

knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

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FREE Cyber Security Awareness Resources

For years, we have been performing technical security assessments around the globe for organisations of varying sizes and sectors. Providing independent advice has been the forefront of our thought process. As we celebrate October as Cyber Security Awareness Month, to spread more awareness around safeguarding sensitive information, our Cyber Security Awareness Essentials Kit contains 15+ resources such as:

  • Cyber Crime Helpful Resources
  • Work From Home Checklist for Individuals
  • Remote Working – Prepare Your Business
  • Securing Your Kids Online (PDF document with hyperlinks to resources)
  • Image Quotes
  • Insider Threats, Password Tips
  • Password Protection Checklist & More
This is by no means an extensive list of resources required for user education and training. You should follow subject authorities in this field, as shared inside the resource kit. We hope to add more resources in the coming weeks. 

Insider Threats

Know Thyself : Types, Examples, Impact, Detection & Mitigation. Insider threats are always looming. 

Ransomware Attacks

Malware and Ransomware Attacks : Should You Pay The Ransom? What to do if your business is hacked?

Cybersecurity Tips

What Cyber Security challenges do small businesses face? How to make businesses cyber resilient? Find all the information including practical tips.