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Cyphere are currently open to partner with MSPs, IT Support businesses looking to extend a wider service package for their customers.

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Partnering with Cyphere to

Solve Security Challenges

Technical security is what we do. Nothing else.

Being specialists in this area, Cyphere helps service providers to extend their offerings by making tangible, estate wide long-term improvements to their customer’s infrastructure. These service providers could be technology service providers, IT services providers or digital agencies, we add to your offerings and support your teams.

By teaming up with Cyphere, receive access to high-end penetration testing and managed security services from the top cybersecurity companies in manchester.

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Strong Skill-set and Sector Experience

Technically adept resources to deliver world class engagements with lasting impact. Our values ensure that service quality underpins everything we do.

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We deliver

We are more than 'report and run' consultancy. These days, customers require a reliable and specialists cyber security partners. We do not follow tick in the box approach that does not provide long term assurance. Cyber security is a business problem.

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Two Way Relationship

We support our partners with opportunities as well as their sales teams. This includes active participation during debriefs and sharing of opportunities - both ways.

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After Care and Support

We deliver free of charge debriefs helping customers understand risks, and prepare remediation plans. Where needed, we help to present cyber security business cases to demonstrate how cyber security is a business enabler.


Your trusted cyber security partner

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